Will laptops exist in 10 years?

Recent news has mentioned that tablet have out sold computers for the first time ever. Other news items like smart phones now accounting for much more internet traffic left me wondering if there will come a day when laptops will be a thing of the past.

Someday yes laptops will be no more but when will that date be? It’s anyone’s guess. However businesses like laptop repair Liverpool must adapt to changing technology and market demands.
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We are a service company – at the moment we do repairs on many devices but this will soon be expanding to things like Samsung Galaxy SIII (biggest selling phone of 2012)
The past 5 years has seen an explosion on the amount of computer users with apple products, due to this we now have a Mac expert in the shop to help out with repairs on
Iphones, Ipads, Ipad mini’s etc., the list goes on.

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