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One of the primary laptop repair service issues is when the power connection breaks down on a laptop. Often they’re known as the Dc jack port, power connection or power socket. Just about all these titles refer to the main power port on a laptop.
The laptop computer DC port can stop working for several factors. Occasionally we get customers visiting us which suggest that the notebook power port has failed when in truth it is really the power charger and nothing related to the netbook itself.
The power jack failure are usually as a consequence of following causes:

Broke away: the electricity cable may have been aggressively pulled from the netbook.

Worn out: with time plugging and also removing the power cable to the laptop computer wears down the laptop computer dc jack port connection and the soldier connections could become loose

Dropped the laptop computer: maybe you have dropped the laptop and the electrical power connector has fallen into itself.

These are only some of the reasons dc jack port could have failed. Thankfully the majority of Dc jacks are extremely cheap to exchange, the price of a brand new jack port is simply a couple of quid based on the model of notebook computer.

The major expenditure whenever fixing a Power jack on the notebook computer is the time associated. The entire notebook computer is required to be stripped down and taken apart to access the main system board which usually contains the laptop Dc jack port. This consists of generally between at least an hour to two hrs worth of work. The moment the laptop has been dissembled it’s then a case of de-soldering the existing Power jack port and changing with a new Dc jack port.

The brand new Dc jack will be analyzed ahead of re-constructing the notebook. When all of checks are accomplished it is then a case of putting the laptop back together. This particular practice is time intensive and as part of the process we have a tendency to give the interior netbook elements a good clean seeing that particles may build-up gradually and having a internally clean notebook computer can lead to longer life span which is an extra value service that we offer.

As pointed out the leading expense whenever it comes to exchanging a netbook Power jack is the time involved luckily the service is provided at a fixed price. There a few types of laptop computer where it may cost a bit more to repair the Power port however this is due to the availability of parts. You’ll find several models of Sony VAIO systems and acer’s fall under this particular group but it really a small percentage.

As stated at the beginning of this post we sometimes get clients coming to us when they believe that there port is on the blink however after some preliminary checks the notebook battery charger is at fault. We use top end multi meter’s to determine the voltage from the netbook wall charger, if we don’t get a consistent current from the battery charger then we swap the battery charger – this typically cures the issue. The additional advantage of testing both the Dc jack port along with charger is the fact that swapping a notebook battery charger is a much easier and more affordable choice.

Laptop Recycling Solutions

Technology moves fast, computers and laptops go out of date virtually as soon as you purchase them and they leave the shop. With all the ever reducing prices of laptops we’ve been finding that customers are dumping their aged laptops for new certainly one of all shapes and sizes. Be it net publications or iPads several customers are upgrading there laptop system (some only a couple of years old) for new systems with Windows 7 installed.

Here at Laptop Repair Liverpool we get a lot of enquiries about what to do with outdated laptops. One of the most prevalent point we see is definitely an old laptop computer dumped in the bin! This is mistaken on 3 levels.

1) There are parts within older laptops that will be utilised. Normally we can salvage the laptop LCD screen. We get many customers coming to us with smashed or cracked laptop screens – as opposed to needing to invest in a fresh display we are able to change the display having a reconditioned 1 from an older laptop computer. This is an benefit to the environment along with the buyer as it decreases the cost of such a repair.

two) The environment will not like laptop batteries if simple fact they are not actually green in any respect. If a laptop computer ends up in a very landfill then nothing could possibly be even worse, really toxic! We try and recycle older batteries from laptops in any way cost.

three) Starving kids in Africa want laptops to. Once we discover a laptop that may be cleaned up we’ll wipe the info off it give it a new bill of well being and attempt and sell it. Sometimes laptops are just too old and slow for the western world nonetheless and they can’t be offered – in this situation we donate them to 3rd world countries where they’ll be put to very good use. Once again avoiding them ending up in a landfill.

50% off all PC, Laptop and Computer MOT’s

This months special is 50% off the listed price of computer, mac and laptop MOT’s.

Laptop Repair Liverpool’s MOT service is a bit like your car MOT but on a computer.

We will take your sytem in run some softare to speed the system up, defrag the hard drive, clear out temp files that are taking up room on your system.  Give it a good clean out, if we spot any porblems with your system we’ll let you know what these may be.  This service is being offered at a reduced rate for the months of September and October so book now!

30% off all screen repairs in August!!!

Summer blow out, if you’ve got a dodgy laptop screen give us a call at laptop repair liverpool and we’ll quote you a price at 30% lower than usual.  This is because we’ve just taken a delivery of a huge amount of fault laptops that have perfect screens, so you won’t be getting a new screen just a reconditioned one.  The price is right!

Laptop data recovery services in Liverpool

Quite often we receive notebooks in for maintenance that may not boot up or even turn on this may be for a number of reasons. Most start up problems are trojans which infect the boot segment or system services of the operating system. Sometimes windows 7 update services (this is the automatic security update program in-built into windows) could change the boot up sequence normally attributed to a driver that is automatically installed upon the process or an update that clashes with another computer software program that is set up on the computer.

As described we also observe dead netbooks, generally a main board error and the notebook computer may not even power on. Or it can turn on but then turns right back off. The system board fault is normally a faulty capacitor or different component part on the main board of the laptop or pc. Some editions associated with Compaq and also Hp have a known problem with the graphics chip (GPU) which causes to the identical issue; this often influences the nvidia based laptop computer graphics controllers.

laptop repairs in liverpool

We’ll quote for a cost for service but this is not necessarily always the most cost-effective option and from time to time customers necessitate the information off the notebook computer which they can not access. This brings about the data retrieval alternative that laptop repair Liverpool provides.
If that hard disc drive has been unaltered by the computer issue then 9 out of 10 instances we can access the files on the hard drive. Notebook computer hard drives typically come in a distinct form factor recognized as SATA 2.5” or IDE 2.5”. This is all depends on the era of the laptop computer if it is SATA or IDE.

The hard drive can be withdrawn from the notebook and inserted inside a USB caddy housing. This enables the customer to hook up their laptop computer hard drive specifically into the USB interface of another computer which is really practical for being able to access files preceding to a laptop computer repair or perhaps disposal job.

Laptop LCD Repairs.

One of the most common laptop faults we see at laptop repair Liverpool is a smashed laptop screen or cracked LCD with bleeding lines.  This fault is so common that we can repair LCD screens in less than an hour usually.

In fact we don’t actually repair the screen as this would be a technical feet as it would probably have to be sent back to the screen manufacturer.  Like many other laptop repair companies if not all we replace the LCD panel with a new one.  This problem is now so common that our suppliers have dropped the price of LCD laptop screens to really low prices compared to just 5 years ago when you’d pay hundred’s for a replacement laptop screen.cracked laptop screen

The average size of a laptop LCD is around 15.4” there are newer laptops on the market which employ a 15.6” screen which are a little wider.  Other popular sizes of laptop screens are 10” which is generally what the small netbook laptops use.  A net book is simply a smaller version of a laptop without a CD/DVD drive.  Other sizes are 17” – these are a little bit pricier but again still usually under the £100 mark.

Occasionally we get laptops in from customers in Liverpool that have a dim or very dark screen.  The display on the laptop is still visible but only just.  This is usually caused by a faulty inverter board in the laptop.  The inverter board is the component in a laptop that powers the back light in the laptop screen.  If you have a dim or dark screen then it’s just a case of replacing the inverter board, which you’ll be happy to hear cost even less sometimes only a tenner.  However be warned that sometimes it’s the actual backlight that has went in the LCD panel.  If this is the case then the screen will need replaced.

dim laptop lcd

very dim laptop screen - can only just see the XP logo

If you have a laptop or computer with a faulty screen – even an Apple Mac (we repair these too) Give Laptop Repair Liverpool a call for a quote.  As mentioned LCD screen replacement service usually takes less than an hour however we do need your laptop to identify the fault and order up the correct inverter or replacement screen so turn around is usually 2-3 working days in this case.

TOP TIP: If you laptop screen is faulty and need to access something on it prior to booking it in at LAPTOP REPAIR LIVERPOOL you could try connecting the laptop to an external computer monitor.  You’ll find most laptops have a VGA port that allows you to output the display of the laptop to a regular desktop PC computer monitor or project.  Some laptops even have HDMI connection or S-video which allows you to connect your laptop to a TV.  This tip is really helpful to most of our customers.  If you have to save up or wait for your wage to come through before booking it in for a repair with us this is usually a good temporarily solution.

Laptop Screen Repairs – the new breed.

Laptop screens are fragile also know as LCD (liquid crystal display) then can easily be damaged. Laptop repair Liverpool often repair LCD screens on laptops. However it must be noted that the word repair is probably not the best description. As like many other PC and computer components nine out of ten times the laptop screen is replaced with a new screen.
Laptop screens come in many different sizes. They range from about 10” inches all the way up to just over 18” inches. Netbooks (small notebook laptops) are now becoming more popular in the market place these tend to have the smaller screens fitted. As the screen is smaller you’ll usually find a replacement screen is cheap compared to the more standard 15.6” screen that so many laptops makers employ in their design.
Also newer on the market are the LED back light displays these use a lot less power and electricity that the normal LCD displays and are somewhat thinner. LED back light laptop screens are becoming more popular with computer manufactures like Dell and Acer who now are replacing all of their designs with this new technology. Apart from a thinner display and more vibrant colours LED backlight screens also as mentioned use less power to operate this is a real advantage due to the mobility of laptops and reliance of batteries in operation day to day. If you are planning on purchasing a new laptop look out for the LED backlight screens as they consume less battery which will give you more power on the go.
Laptop Repair Liverpool has fixed a handful of LED backlight screens another major difference is that there is no inverter board attached to the LCD display. 99% of laptop LCDs has what is known as an inverter which regulates the power to the CF bulb in the older style LCD displays.

Cheap laptop repair Liverpool

Laptop Repair Liverpool offer Computer and laptop repairs and mainteance in the Liverpool / Merseyside area. With no shop front we can pass on our operating saving to the customer providing them with a hard to beat quality service at credit crunch prices. give us a call today or make an enquiry by email using the form to the right.

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