My experience with laptop makes as a Laptop Repair Engineer in Liverpool

There are quite a number of laptop makes and models.  In fact there are so many makes I could not list them easily.  Having repaired many laptops makes and models of the years in Liverpool I’ve gotten to know the good brands and the bad brands of laptops.

sony laptop repair liverpool

I used to do sales and only sell laptops and computers to the general public and I thought my knowledge was pretty good at the time.   However it wasn’t, I was going on general assumptions for instance Sony being  a good name – this is something that most people know mainly because Sony charge more for their products.

It was not until I started learning the trade of doing software and more importantly hardware repair on laptops and computer I quickly found out that my general assumptions were wrong.

There are some common faults that can happen with laptops and Laptop Repair Liverpool deal with 99% of laptop issues.  However when it comes to hardware faults some fall under the category as having nothing to do with the laptop manufacturer and build quality.  Whilst build quality and poor production having everything to do with how good a brand name is.

Here are a list of common faults.


  • Smashed screen on laptop
  • Hard drive failure
  • Display problems
  • Laptop not turning on
  • Power jack/ power connector damaged
  • Faulty keyboard
  • Overheating issues

overheating laptops liverpool

These are the main hardware issues we deal with on a daily basis at Laptop Repair Liverpool.  Cracked or smashed laptop screens can’t be blamed on the manufacturer as this is usually caused by the client dropping the laptop or causing accidental damage to the laptop.

Hard drive issues and failures can sometimes be blamed on the laptop manufacturer.  This really depends on the maker of the hard drive.  You see some hard drives are better than others.  Seagate are known to be a good brand however IBM have a very bad reputation in the hard disc drive trade.  However hard drives can fail for other reasons to so that really disqualifies then from my study here.

dell repairs in liverpool

HP also known as Hewlett Packard have a series of laptops with defective graphics chip.  I’ve seen may HP laptops with this same issue.  It can cause not only display problems but due to the way the chip is integrated with the motherboard can stop the computer from powering on and cause wireless network issues as well.  I’ve seen so many of these defective laptops by HP that I would steer clear of HP.  Now if you asked me this a few years ago how good HP were I would have probably told you good as they have a wide range of laptops on the market.  Not now, in fact they are stopping production of laptops soon and this is probably due in part to the issues around their graphics chips.  There were a lot of unhappy customers.

Laptop’s not turning on can also be caused by bad GPUs as mentioned above but also due to the design of the laptop itself.  Excessive heat can fry components in laptops.  I’ve seen a few Toshiba’s in my time with heating issues however it usually just slows down the computer.  I can’t really say that there is one specific laptop manufacturer that has more bad designs than another.

Acer laptops used to be known for their bad build quality and power jacks amongst other thing breaking off the laptop.  When I was in sales I always bad named Acer as being a cheap brand.  However Acer in my opinion now are one of the best brands.  I rarely see Acer laptops in for repair and their prices are good.  Of course this might be because they are so cheap people just by new laptops when their other one fails but I still give them a thumbs up as they have a good range of models and as mentioned pricing is pretty good.

I also like Dell laptops.  They to have some good prices and the Dell Outlet is somewhere you can always pick up a bargain.  Dell laptops are also  easy to fix if they break down.  They have simple design internally so you can get to most components quickly and taking apart a Dell laptop is not that difficult compared to other makes.

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