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Laptop screens can fail for a number of reasons.  At present the availability of LCD replacement screens has come down in price quite a lot over the years.

You’ll find the most typical size of laptop screen is 15.4” screen.  Newer screens are using ultra thin components and are LED backlite they come in 15.6 inch size.  Price of replacement screens are around £60-£90 depending on the size of screen and the type of screen required.

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The most difficult part of the laptop screen replacement process is sourcing the correct screen from your laptop.  You may have dropped your laptop or netbook. The screen has cracked or maybe it’s just stopped working – this does happen.  Sourcing the correct screen is important and we’ve developed a process second to none.  Once we have the laptop we can usually have the correct screen next working day if ordered up by 3pm.  This gives us a 24-48 hour turn around on laptop screen repair in Liverpool.

As mentioned the most common size screen is 15.4/15.6” however laptop screens do vary in size.  You may have one of those ultra small laptops commonly referred to as netbooks.  It’s basically a laptop on a smaller scale without a CD/DVD drive. The screens inside these types of computers are usually 10” in size and we can source as low as £40 depending on model.

Of course there is also the time and knowledge required to order up and swap out the screen.  This is where we have a business is and we do charge a small amount for our time and labour.  If you have faulty laptop screen and are in Liverpool call now for a quote and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on the price for repairs and replacements.

laptop screens liverpool

Sometimes we get lucky and are able to offer reconditioned screens at even cheaper prices.  We usually source used screen from faulty laptops that have been given to us for recycling.  A lot o the time say for instance if an older laptop is not turning on and requires a motherboard repair it’s just not economical.  We will buy the faulty laptop from the customer and can utilise the screen in a laptop that requires a replacement.  This is what we call green computing at it’s finest.  There are some many companies that offer “recycling” or green services when in fact it put more carbon into our atmosphere.  We this is true recycling – reusing the parts in other systems.

We do however tend to order and use brand new replacement screens whenever possible as we can offer a 12 month warranty on the repair which we can’t do with a reconditioned laptop screen.  We also give the customer the choice of either new or used parts in the repair process.

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