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I get many customers here are Laptop Repair Liverpool asking similar questions when they have a system in for repair.

Usually I can get most problems fixed however sometimes the customer just wants to get a new laptop or computer instead of getting the system repaired.  Which is fine we do offer trade in prices under certain circumstances.  This is usually when I’m asked, what is better Laptop or Desktop PC?

Well that choice is really a matter of personal preference and how you will be using your computer system.  I have made some key considerations here at Laptop Repair Liverpool.

These considerations should be questions prior to spending lots of money on a new system as you will probably spend a significant amount of time on a computer throughout its life.

Where will you mainly be using the computer?  Will it be in home office or on the move?  Will you likely if you had a laptop be mobile with it.  If not then you may want to consider a desktop standard style PC.

However this may also pose the question, what wil you be using the computer for?  If it’s general web surfing day to day tasks you’ll probably get away with a laptop.  However if you are working with heavier applications like video editing or playing games you may find that a desktop PC will be better suited to you.

things are changing in the laptop industry however.  A new breed of laptop has entered the market recently.  we had the Netbook 3 years ago and last year was the tablets.  This year it will be the Ultrabooks.  These are thin ultra powerful laptop computer systems.

I personally am thinking of getting one of these.  They are very similar to Apple Mac Pro Books however they are windows 7 based systems and are usually far less in price compared to similar Apple Mac.

I hope to get my hands on one shortly.  First thing I plan to do is take it apart and report back here with pictures and my findings.  I of course do need something to practice my Ultrabook repair in Liverpool.


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