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IT advice can in many shapes and forms that because there are so many areas that IT covers.  I get questions everyday about best practices when working with computers on how things “should” be done.  To tell you the truth the way I learnt my knowledge about laptop and computer repair was fairly simple.

At the age of 12 my grandmother told me she had £1000 and that this was for a new computer!  I was delighted with this.  She’d been saving up this money for many years and waiting for the correct time to give it to me.  The first thing I had to do was purchase a few computer magazines.  After a few months I narrowed my search for a new computer.  I remember picking up a magazine called from what I can recall PC shopper.

This magazine hand hundreds if not thousands of adverts and pages for new computers.  With bewildering specifications I looked for the best spec’d machine for the price. Finally I found the best computer for the price and went and spent all the money on it.

I got the computer and was on it all the time if fact I’m still on computers all the time!  Anyway after a few month I got curious on how the computer worked and what types of parts I had actually got inside my computer.  I opened the case up and peered inside.  I then proceeded to take the thing apart and try and put it back together again. I proceeded to wipe my operating system of my computer.  At the time it would have been something like Windows 95.

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Dell Computer 1993

If only my grandmother had know what I got up to!  I had to figure out how to reinstall the operating system and all the software and drivers that went with my computer.  It was a learning process but best of all it was fun as it was all new to me.  I dove in with two feet and have never looked back.

My advice to you is “play” with your computer hack it see what it can do and what it can’t.  If you get stuck or are looking for advice we’ve got things like google where you can ask a question and get an instant answer.  This did not exist back in 1995 I had to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

In my twenties I had come full circle, desktop hardware repairs and upgrades were easy for me.  I could do them with my eyes closed.  However laptops were becoming more and more popular.  As they came down in price I got my first laptop when at college and hacked away at it.  Google was in it’s infancy and again I had to learn what all the bits inside a laptop did.  Luckily they are very similar to desktop computer however it take a good few hundred laptops before you really get a feel for stripping down a laptop completely to it bare motherboard.

To summarise the best way to learn is make mistakes and treat it as a game.  Like in life the same can be applied to computers and IT.  What makes this bit of advice so special is the fact that you can enjoy a game – something you can’t do in an exam or class!

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