How clean is your computer/laptop?

One of the things that really makes me bulk is a dirty keyboard.  In all the years I’ve been repairing laptops in Liverpool I’ve only had a few laptops that have been really dirty.  One I can remember clearly it was a complete state I had a hard enough time just taking it out the laptop bag.

Whenever I get a laptop in for repair I always give it a good clean on the outside prior to handing it back to the customer.  There is good reason to clean a customer’s laptop after a repair.  One of the main steps in repairing laptops is turning the laptop upside down so the battery can be removed prior to any repair.  When turning the laptop upside down you usually find that a lot of dirt/grim/dust comes up from underneath the keyboard and then rests on the laptop screen.  So a clean is usually required.  I personally use a floor cleaner wipe to as they are big enough to wipe the whole laptop down and give kills most bugs.

Of course there are other reasons for cleaning computers and laptops.  In some cases you’ll find that your computer or laptop might actually be running slow because of a build up of dust.  This dust will clog up inside the CPU cooler grill on a laptop and block the vents.  Over time the CPU has to run slower because it’s getting hotter.  This is an inbuilt system depending on how hot the CPU gets.  If your laptop is running slow or if the fan is making a bit of a dodgy noise it may be because of a build up of dust inside the laptop fan.

That’s 2 reasons stated so far in why a laptop or computer may be cleaned.  the other reason it’s good to keep a laptop or computer clean is because it will increase the life of your computer system.

On two separate occasions I’ve collected desktop computers due to boot errors (computer does not start).  On closer inspection the boot errors have occurred because the internal hard disc drive has failed.  After opening up the desktop computer case a thick layer of grim and ashtray deposits have been found.  What happened in both cases is that the customer dropped their ash tray on the floor/desk next to the computer.  The computer’s fan then proceeded to suck up the contents of the ash tray and they clogged up inside the computer.  Over the course of a few days the hard drive started getting particles of this ash on it’s disk platters and data errors started occurring.

Of course one of the main reasons that keeping your computer clean helps the keyboard itself.  It is a harbour for dirt and germs.  If your computer is shared in the house and someone has a cold/flu and uses the computer.  Then you use the computer after them you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get the same cold or flu as your friend/family member or flay mate.

This article is intended just to be a simple reminder of why you should keep your computer clean.  Of course Computer and Laptop Repair Liverpool offer computer cleaning services and will do an external and internal cleanse of most computer systems.  we can also clear the CPU grills to make your system run that little bit faster if required.

thanks to the reg for some examples of dirty computers….

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