Cambodia Film Fixers

The title of this blog post is a little off topic, I know, but there is a reason…..

My friend Richard Currie started a film production company in Cambodia. The website address is:

I told him about my success with this website your on at the moment which basically came down to great content on your website that people want to read.  Well google of all people reward you for great content so if I write an engaging article on a website that people will read good will rank that website higher in the search rankings.

For example, if I blogged about the topic of finding the correct production crew if you were going to shoot a film in Cambodia and made an awesome article that people wanted to read then I’d get rewarded.  I could go one step further and mentioned things related to this topic like a nice picture of Angelina Jolie

She is hot!

She is hot!

Of course people are going to read more of the article.  It’s simple google mind trick.  And guess what?  We can do this for your company or service also.  Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to gain more info on this topic.


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