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2017 laptops that we saw at CES


Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 wrapped up earlier in January this year and the gadget-thon lived up to its Las Vegas reputation. It was the place to be for techies and technology enthusiasts looking to see what is next in technology. It also showcased the innovations that are expected to set the tone for this year and many more to come. Most companies used the CES 2017 to showcase their latest updates on laptops, tablets and hybrid laptop/tablet device ranges. The show held in January this year was no different from the rest as a number of manufacturers took the opportunity to show their greatest and latest laptops. Below is a detailed guide to new laptops of 2017 at CES.


Asus used the CES 2017 to showcase a number of new products from its line, and the most impressive of them all was the latest high-end Chromebook. Although the previous Chromebook Flip was ultra-portable, affordable and small Chrome OS machine, the latest Chromebook Flip C302A features a high-spec awesome piece. It will feature a 6th generation Core M3 and M7 processors and a 12.5” full HD display that is built on hinges that will allow it to rotate for 360-degrees. Users will have the option of choosing between a RAM of 4GB or 8 GB and an in-built storage of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB when it is offered for sale. Its estimated prices are expected to start from $500 (about £400).


Dell on the other hand unveiled its new XPS 13 laptop convertible version at the CES 2017. The manufacturer stated that the new 2-in-1 will bear the same InfinityEdge display like in the XPS 13 and 15. Users can therefore expect a screen that will be bezel-free, and it will be among the smallest laptops ever launched at 13-inches. The new laptop/tablet crossover will come in two versions: the 1080 full HD and the Quad HD+. It will also boast of a Core i7 processor, 1 TB SSD and 16GB RAM. It will have a 46WHr battery that will go up to 10 hours in the QHD+ version and 15 hours for the full HD. Dell also announced that it is planning to build a convertible version of its Latitude 13 business laptop.


Lenovo announced the pending release of nine brand new laptops, which will be updates to the already existing line of ThinkPad. They will all have the most recent Intel Core I processors as well as come with MilSpec durability, Precision Touchpad and bloatware together with free Windows 10. The most notable and interesting device will be the Miix 720, which is expected to provide competition to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It is expected that the Lenovo Miix 720 will come with a keyboard for $999 (£800). It will have a 12” Quad HD+ display, Core i7 processor, Intel HD 620 graphics and configurable going up to 16GB RA and 1 TB SSD.

Lenovo Miix 720’s kickstand will be adjusted to 150 degrees using a unique watchband hinge on its back and its body will be built using a metal alloy piece. A new stylus, Active Pen 2, with over 4,000 levels in pressure sensitivity will be included at an extra cost of $60 (£50). The ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017 will be among the first of the ThinkPad line. It will come in a 14” bezel-free screen that will give the range a slimmer than usual look.


Apart from updating HP’s Spectre lineup to include bezel-free displays and faster processors, it also released the new EliteBook x360. The notebook closely resembles the notebooks from Apple. HP claimed that it has the thinnest 2-in-1 business-centric ever made measuring 0.59 inches thick. It will come with a dedicated row for conference call precise buttons that are expected to tempt business clients from their Thinkpads that are old and chunky. Upon its release, customers will have the option of getting a recent gen Core i5 or a Core i7 processor. They can also choose to upgrade their 13.3” screen to the 4K resolution type. It will have a fingerprint scanner as well as a privacy screen integrated in it to help in keeping things secure. There has not been any communication regarding its prices yet but it hit the market during the month of January, 2017.

All of the above important information forms a guide to new laptops of 2017 at CES. They provide the necessary information on the latest laptops to be released to help people look out for what’s hot in the market.


Thanks for reading and if you are interested in IT Support (based in Birmingham)  then CompexIT are advised.

Cambodia Film Fixers

The title of this blog post is a little off topic, I know, but there is a reason…..

My friend Richard Currie started a film production company in Cambodia. The website address is:

I told him about my success with this website your on at the moment which basically came down to great content on your website that people want to read.  Well google of all people reward you for great content so if I write an engaging article on a website that people will read good will rank that website higher in the search rankings.

For example, if I blogged about the topic of finding the correct production crew if you were going to shoot a film in Cambodia and made an awesome article that people wanted to read then I’d get rewarded.  I could go one step further and mentioned things related to this topic like a nice picture of Angelina Jolie

She is hot!

She is hot!

Of course people are going to read more of the article.  It’s simple google mind trick.  And guess what?  We can do this for your company or service also.  Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to gain more info on this topic.


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Will laptops exist in 10 years?

Recent news has mentioned that tablet have out sold computers for the first time ever. Other news items like smart phones now accounting for much more internet traffic left me wondering if there will come a day when laptops will be a thing of the past.

Someday yes laptops will be no more but when will that date be? It’s anyone’s guess. However businesses like laptop repair Liverpool must adapt to changing technology and market demands.
Looking for the wonga’s contact number?

We are a service company – at the moment we do repairs on many devices but this will soon be expanding to things like Samsung Galaxy SIII (biggest selling phone of 2012)
The past 5 years has seen an explosion on the amount of computer users with apple products, due to this we now have a Mac expert in the shop to help out with repairs on
Iphones, Ipads, Ipad mini’s etc., the list goes on.

Change of address

Note to all our customers our address has changed – please call if coming in with your computer/laptop

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Laptop and Computer problems

I get many customers here are Laptop Repair Liverpool asking similar questions when they have a system in for repair.

Usually I can get most problems fixed however sometimes the customer just wants to get a new laptop or computer instead of getting the system repaired.  Which is fine we do offer trade in prices under certain circumstances.  This is usually when I’m asked, what is better Laptop or Desktop PC?

Well that choice is really a matter of personal preference and how you will be using your computer system.  I have made some key considerations here at Laptop Repair Liverpool.

These considerations should be questions prior to spending lots of money on a new system as you will probably spend a significant amount of time on a computer throughout its life.

Where will you mainly be using the computer?  Will it be in home office or on the move?  Will you likely if you had a laptop be mobile with it.  If not then you may want to consider a desktop standard style PC.

However this may also pose the question, what wil you be using the computer for?  If it’s general web surfing day to day tasks you’ll probably get away with a laptop.  However if you are working with heavier applications like video editing or playing games you may find that a desktop PC will be better suited to you.

things are changing in the laptop industry however.  A new breed of laptop has entered the market recently.  we had the Netbook 3 years ago and last year was the tablets.  This year it will be the Ultrabooks.  These are thin ultra powerful laptop computer systems.

I personally am thinking of getting one of these.  They are very similar to Apple Mac Pro Books however they are windows 7 based systems and are usually far less in price compared to similar Apple Mac.

I hope to get my hands on one shortly.  First thing I plan to do is take it apart and report back here with pictures and my findings.  I of course do need something to practice my Ultrabook repair in Liverpool.


computers liverpool

My experience with laptop makes as a Laptop Repair Engineer in Liverpool

There are quite a number of laptop makes and models.  In fact there are so many makes I could not list them easily.  Having repaired many laptops makes and models of the years in Liverpool I’ve gotten to know the good brands and the bad brands of laptops.

sony laptop repair liverpool

I used to do sales and only sell laptops and computers to the general public and I thought my knowledge was pretty good at the time.   However it wasn’t, I was going on general assumptions for instance Sony being  a good name – this is something that most people know mainly because Sony charge more for their products.

It was not until I started learning the trade of doing software and more importantly hardware repair on laptops and computer I quickly found out that my general assumptions were wrong.

There are some common faults that can happen with laptops and Laptop Repair Liverpool deal with 99% of laptop issues.  However when it comes to hardware faults some fall under the category as having nothing to do with the laptop manufacturer and build quality.  Whilst build quality and poor production having everything to do with how good a brand name is.

Here are a list of common faults.


  • Smashed screen on laptop
  • Hard drive failure
  • Display problems
  • Laptop not turning on
  • Power jack/ power connector damaged
  • Faulty keyboard
  • Overheating issues

overheating laptops liverpool

These are the main hardware issues we deal with on a daily basis at Laptop Repair Liverpool.  Cracked or smashed laptop screens can’t be blamed on the manufacturer as this is usually caused by the client dropping the laptop or causing accidental damage to the laptop.

Hard drive issues and failures can sometimes be blamed on the laptop manufacturer.  This really depends on the maker of the hard drive.  You see some hard drives are better than others.  Seagate are known to be a good brand however IBM have a very bad reputation in the hard disc drive trade.  However hard drives can fail for other reasons to so that really disqualifies then from my study here.

dell repairs in liverpool

HP also known as Hewlett Packard have a series of laptops with defective graphics chip.  I’ve seen may HP laptops with this same issue.  It can cause not only display problems but due to the way the chip is integrated with the motherboard can stop the computer from powering on and cause wireless network issues as well.  I’ve seen so many of these defective laptops by HP that I would steer clear of HP.  Now if you asked me this a few years ago how good HP were I would have probably told you good as they have a wide range of laptops on the market.  Not now, in fact they are stopping production of laptops soon and this is probably due in part to the issues around their graphics chips.  There were a lot of unhappy customers.

Laptop’s not turning on can also be caused by bad GPUs as mentioned above but also due to the design of the laptop itself.  Excessive heat can fry components in laptops.  I’ve seen a few Toshiba’s in my time with heating issues however it usually just slows down the computer.  I can’t really say that there is one specific laptop manufacturer that has more bad designs than another.

Acer laptops used to be known for their bad build quality and power jacks amongst other thing breaking off the laptop.  When I was in sales I always bad named Acer as being a cheap brand.  However Acer in my opinion now are one of the best brands.  I rarely see Acer laptops in for repair and their prices are good.  Of course this might be because they are so cheap people just by new laptops when their other one fails but I still give them a thumbs up as they have a good range of models and as mentioned pricing is pretty good.

I also like Dell laptops.  They to have some good prices and the Dell Outlet is somewhere you can always pick up a bargain.  Dell laptops are also  easy to fix if they break down.  They have simple design internally so you can get to most components quickly and taking apart a Dell laptop is not that difficult compared to other makes.

How clean is your computer/laptop?

One of the things that really makes me bulk is a dirty keyboard.  In all the years I’ve been repairing laptops in Liverpool I’ve only had a few laptops that have been really dirty.  One I can remember clearly it was a complete state I had a hard enough time just taking it out the laptop bag.

Whenever I get a laptop in for repair I always give it a good clean on the outside prior to handing it back to the customer.  There is good reason to clean a customer’s laptop after a repair.  One of the main steps in repairing laptops is turning the laptop upside down so the battery can be removed prior to any repair.  When turning the laptop upside down you usually find that a lot of dirt/grim/dust comes up from underneath the keyboard and then rests on the laptop screen.  So a clean is usually required.  I personally use a floor cleaner wipe to as they are big enough to wipe the whole laptop down and give kills most bugs.

Of course there are other reasons for cleaning computers and laptops.  In some cases you’ll find that your computer or laptop might actually be running slow because of a build up of dust.  This dust will clog up inside the CPU cooler grill on a laptop and block the vents.  Over time the CPU has to run slower because it’s getting hotter.  This is an inbuilt system depending on how hot the CPU gets.  If your laptop is running slow or if the fan is making a bit of a dodgy noise it may be because of a build up of dust inside the laptop fan.

That’s 2 reasons stated so far in why a laptop or computer may be cleaned.  the other reason it’s good to keep a laptop or computer clean is because it will increase the life of your computer system.

On two separate occasions I’ve collected desktop computers due to boot errors (computer does not start).  On closer inspection the boot errors have occurred because the internal hard disc drive has failed.  After opening up the desktop computer case a thick layer of grim and ashtray deposits have been found.  What happened in both cases is that the customer dropped their ash tray on the floor/desk next to the computer.  The computer’s fan then proceeded to suck up the contents of the ash tray and they clogged up inside the computer.  Over the course of a few days the hard drive started getting particles of this ash on it’s disk platters and data errors started occurring.

Of course one of the main reasons that keeping your computer clean helps the keyboard itself.  It is a harbour for dirt and germs.  If your computer is shared in the house and someone has a cold/flu and uses the computer.  Then you use the computer after them you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get the same cold or flu as your friend/family member or flay mate.

This article is intended just to be a simple reminder of why you should keep your computer clean.  Of course Computer and Laptop Repair Liverpool offer computer cleaning services and will do an external and internal cleanse of most computer systems.  we can also clear the CPU grills to make your system run that little bit faster if required.

thanks to the reg for some examples of dirty computers….

computer help liverpool

pc doctor liverpool

IT Advice

IT advice can in many shapes and forms that because there are so many areas that IT covers.  I get questions everyday about best practices when working with computers on how things “should” be done.  To tell you the truth the way I learnt my knowledge about laptop and computer repair was fairly simple.

At the age of 12 my grandmother told me she had £1000 and that this was for a new computer!  I was delighted with this.  She’d been saving up this money for many years and waiting for the correct time to give it to me.  The first thing I had to do was purchase a few computer magazines.  After a few months I narrowed my search for a new computer.  I remember picking up a magazine called from what I can recall PC shopper.

This magazine hand hundreds if not thousands of adverts and pages for new computers.  With bewildering specifications I looked for the best spec’d machine for the price. Finally I found the best computer for the price and went and spent all the money on it.

I got the computer and was on it all the time if fact I’m still on computers all the time!  Anyway after a few month I got curious on how the computer worked and what types of parts I had actually got inside my computer.  I opened the case up and peered inside.  I then proceeded to take the thing apart and try and put it back together again. I proceeded to wipe my operating system of my computer.  At the time it would have been something like Windows 95.

pc repairs liverpool

Dell Computer 1993

If only my grandmother had know what I got up to!  I had to figure out how to reinstall the operating system and all the software and drivers that went with my computer.  It was a learning process but best of all it was fun as it was all new to me.  I dove in with two feet and have never looked back.

My advice to you is “play” with your computer hack it see what it can do and what it can’t.  If you get stuck or are looking for advice we’ve got things like google where you can ask a question and get an instant answer.  This did not exist back in 1995 I had to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

In my twenties I had come full circle, desktop hardware repairs and upgrades were easy for me.  I could do them with my eyes closed.  However laptops were becoming more and more popular.  As they came down in price I got my first laptop when at college and hacked away at it.  Google was in it’s infancy and again I had to learn what all the bits inside a laptop did.  Luckily they are very similar to desktop computer however it take a good few hundred laptops before you really get a feel for stripping down a laptop completely to it bare motherboard.

To summarise the best way to learn is make mistakes and treat it as a game.  Like in life the same can be applied to computers and IT.  What makes this bit of advice so special is the fact that you can enjoy a game – something you can’t do in an exam or class!

Laptop screen repairs

Laptop screens can fail for a number of reasons.  At present the availability of LCD replacement screens has come down in price quite a lot over the years.

You’ll find the most typical size of laptop screen is 15.4” screen.  Newer screens are using ultra thin components and are LED backlite they come in 15.6 inch size.  Price of replacement screens are around £60-£90 depending on the size of screen and the type of screen required.

laptop screen repair liverpool

The most difficult part of the laptop screen replacement process is sourcing the correct screen from your laptop.  You may have dropped your laptop or netbook. The screen has cracked or maybe it’s just stopped working – this does happen.  Sourcing the correct screen is important and we’ve developed a process second to none.  Once we have the laptop we can usually have the correct screen next working day if ordered up by 3pm.  This gives us a 24-48 hour turn around on laptop screen repair in Liverpool.

As mentioned the most common size screen is 15.4/15.6” however laptop screens do vary in size.  You may have one of those ultra small laptops commonly referred to as netbooks.  It’s basically a laptop on a smaller scale without a CD/DVD drive. The screens inside these types of computers are usually 10” in size and we can source as low as £40 depending on model.

Of course there is also the time and knowledge required to order up and swap out the screen.  This is where we have a business is and we do charge a small amount for our time and labour.  If you have faulty laptop screen and are in Liverpool call now for a quote and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on the price for repairs and replacements.

laptop screens liverpool

Sometimes we get lucky and are able to offer reconditioned screens at even cheaper prices.  We usually source used screen from faulty laptops that have been given to us for recycling.  A lot o the time say for instance if an older laptop is not turning on and requires a motherboard repair it’s just not economical.  We will buy the faulty laptop from the customer and can utilise the screen in a laptop that requires a replacement.  This is what we call green computing at it’s finest.  There are some many companies that offer “recycling” or green services when in fact it put more carbon into our atmosphere.  We this is true recycling – reusing the parts in other systems.

We do however tend to order and use brand new replacement screens whenever possible as we can offer a 12 month warranty on the repair which we can’t do with a reconditioned laptop screen.  We also give the customer the choice of either new or used parts in the repair process.

Computer Liverpool
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